Today I went on a little field trip to visit a hydel turbine and generator refurbishing shop set up by the Norwegians. The managing engineer of the plant was a somewhat hyperactive chap who was very excited about everything. His English was good so we got to chatting. He said he had studied at Lawrence College, Murree ("Yes!" his eyes wide "I am a Galleon [their school mascot]"). He remembered playing football (soccer) against my school, Murree Christian School, but that was before my time. He was surprised at my youth when I told him I graduated in '98 - "You white people are looking so big and old."

Yesterday after lunch in the tea shop across the street from my office I went for a walk with a friend, the guy I went to Naltar with on Gilgit's independence day. I stopped at a shop and asked for a box of Prince biscuits in Urdu. He looked at me with a grin, "You even know names of biscuits. You are 50% Pakistani, I think."

Today I sat at the end of a long table in a nice restaurant with three AKRSP managers, including my boss. They have been taking part in a week-long training session (training of trainers - or TOT because they like to make everything into acronyms here) only today all of the trainees were out on a field trip - so the long table was empty, but apparently the seminar's tab was still open.

Today I made parathas yet again. And this time they were perfect :)


josiah said...

now that i know what these delecacies are, i shall eagerly await a demonstration of your skills at creating them. :)

Jeremy said...

having just finished catching up on the last couple of posts, I think that I am going to head across the street to an Indian restaurant that I am really hoping will have Chapattis or something of the like.

Stephanie said...

I wonder why they think we look old? Maybe it's your goatee or something. Yes, prince biscuits, how lovely... I also await your fabulous paratha making!