Last Leg

In an hour I'll leave for Sydney's airport to board my third last flight on this trip. Four months have flown by, it seems. I'm ready to return home. I'm not quite ready to return to work, but I have about 10 days to become ready.

Denver airport plans to start limited operations at noon on Friday, 22 December. I hope those limited operations include the flights I'm booked on. I arrive from LAX just after 17h00 local time and depart for Winnipeg an hour later - according to my schedule.

It would also be nice if the system that just hit Denver with a pile of snow moved up to Winnipeg and arrived shortly after I will. But that would just be a bonus.

It's been a great time out here. I made the right decision in planing this trip at this time in my life. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me and writing to me, keeping in touch. I actually feel like I've got to know some of you better while I've been gone and we've been forced to communicate over e-mail in concentrated packets of thought.

But face to face meetings are always preferred.

See many of you quite soon.


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Micky said...

Jordan.... Why on earth did you not call when you were in London.
GRrrrrrr :)